Get more visitors to your blog!

There are many ways to increase readership of your blog. Just ask Google!

Things I’ve learnt;

  1. Continual content. Keep writing to your blog. Keep the entries as short and as interesting as you can.
  2. Use intriguing and interesting titles, if people use RSS to keep up to date with your blog, they will see these first. Make sure they mean something. If you use a Search Engine Optimisation plug-in (see links page)
  3. On the right (my sidebar), you’ll see a lot of buttons. I’ve registered this site with most of these networking, bookmarking, voting sites. People use these sites to network, find blogs or sites that cover similar topics to their own, or that are of particular interest. more at Wilsons Blogmanac
  4. Visit other blogs and leave comments (include your blog address)
  5. Put your blog address on your email signature and anywhere you go on the net!
  6. Don’t rely on people using RSS feeds to get the latest updates on your site, offer them an email subscription alternative. Here’s the one I use (FeedBlitz) and it’s great. If you subscribe to my blog this way, you get an email of my latest post (in HTML). It also allows users to unsubscribe.
  7. Google will usually crawl the entire web every 4 weeks or so and add new sites. If someone, somewhere has linked to your site, Yahoo will usually do the same. If you’re not in their database, as with most other search engines, let them know you exist by submitting your site to them. Additions to Google crawls can be made here.
  8. Make sure you add good, relative blogs to your blogroll. Ask them to link to yours and hopefully, soon you’ll start a network of bloggers. If your blog os for a specific class, link to all your students blogs and get then to link to each others).
  9. Visit Problogger & Copyblogger!

There is an extensive list of ideas here.

Good luck with your blog ratings.

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