LTT: Weekly Blog Challenge – Task 1

Embedding Blogging into your Educational Spaces

In Phase one of the Technolog-e sessions, we looked at Educational uses of Blogs.

As part of this challenge, we will explore some of the techniques you can use to embed blogging into your work, whether that’s engaging colleagues, student, family or all of them (you get out of this as much as you put in) in the one space.

Your Challenge

It’s time to strengthen our network, collaborate more with our team, and email less.

So let’s start with our own Blog Challenge.

Note: One task a day (even a quick one) might be a bit much to ask of you, but you have some paid time for your role once a week. So I am asking you to take 10 – 15 mins to complete one task per week for five weeks.

To learn about the power of blogs, we need to start using them. There’s not much point me listing the blog challenges on our team wiki, so I’ll do it through my blog….

Task 1 – Write A Post

If you haven’t already

  1. Set up a blog with Blogger and Edublogs .
  2. Watch this video on how to set up an edublogs blog.
  3. Your blog title and URL address is important, it sticks, consider carefully.
  4. Choose a design/ template/ style – don’t spend too much time on this yet, it’s a later task.
  5. Get started by writing your first post. Watch this video on how to write posts for Edublog blogs. This could be a welcome, an introduction to you and why you have a blog, it could invite other to comment on your first post.

For some tips withnumber 5, read Sue’s tips.


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Some useful Blog Challenge resources


  1. Challenger Blog’s

    As part of this challenge, please add your blog address here (anyone is welcome to join in). The purpose is of this challenge is to start using our blogs effectively, to explore ways we could embed them into teaching and learning, dicsussing any issues and ideas that arise along the way.

    From our first session, I collected these blog addresses…

    I’m really looking forward to enaging with you in the blogosphere!


  2. Hi, yesterday I created a new blog for local youth to put their ideas about what is needed for youth in Forster- the local council is going thro a planning activity- I pointed out that the youth will become disinterested if they say something and see nothing happening tho! I will ask the cgve & pws guys to blog.

  3. I’ve made two Blogs and one was for a reframe the future team to blog their activities and communicate with each other. It certainly engaged and enthused them and I think from the posts I’ve read they also enjoyed it, some of the team had never blogged before and now they are blogging!!!!

  4. Hi, I’ve created another Blog, this time on the Edublog site. I’m focusing on setting up an environment for my Flex Students to communicate with each other. I have my students next Monday, so I’m looking forward to inviting them to add some comments – we’ll see how it all goes! The Blog address I gave yesterday was a personal blog with some holiday photos I used ages ago to “have play”.

    Here is my new blog address:

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