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Do you use Firefox?

There are many great extensions (I’ll list my favourite ones at the bottom of this post), but for now I’d like to show you Twitterbar.


Have you seen twitter? Here’s my twitter page.

What is Twitter

The twitterbar extension allows you to post a ‘tweet’ (message) to twitter from the firefox address bar.

Just type your message where you would usually type a URL and click the twitter button.Twitterbar

A small unobtrusive grey icon sits to the right of your addressbar, clicking on it will then post your ‘tweet’, mouseover will tell you how many characters you have left.

You can also post by typing ‘ –post’ or hit the grey arrow when visiting a webpage to carry out a URL tweet (i.e it adds ‘Currently Browsing: ‘ in front of the url).

I am currently trialling this tool at the moment, so Tweet me. Surely I’m not the only one that has noticed that a high percentage of students have and use mobile phones, in fact more so than computers! I have also had some feedback from a TAFE (trades) teacher at the North Coast Institute who says that using mobile phones with a class of young guys has not only engaged his class, but opened the door for improved communication….

…think about that!

A couple of my favourite Firefox Extensions:

  • deli.icio.us – add websites to your online bookmarks/favourites
  • netvibes(track updates to CLI/LRR resources this way!) add rss feeds to your personal netvibes page (please see this post)
  • twitterbar– send sms/ messages from your address bar
  • ForecastFox– have three days of weather at the bottom of your browser
  • Foxmarks– sync your bookmarks from EVERY computer you work at
  • Copy Plain Text– select text on a website and click this button to copy plain text (avoids taking all the web formatting with you)

I use a few more, but that’s a good start.

Get Firefox!

Get Firefox

Mac Users: Twitteriffic!


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